Starting Your Own Car Repair Business

Everyone who owns a car has probably experienced car troubles. It is possible that as cars get older the risk for break down also increases; the reason why car owners would constantly need a car repair service.

Considering the flourishing business of cars, you can also take advantage of this economic surge and the mounting needs of car owners by building your own car repair business. Especially if you are mechanically inclined and skilled in troubleshooting some mechanical functions, you can definitely start your own car repair business.

How do you start your own car business? Listed below are some of the organizational and administrative tasks that you may consider in starting your own car repair business.

Determine the scope of your business – Before you start putting up the capital, decide what type of car repair business you would want to build. Your capital will depend on your choice whether or not you would only focus on your specialty, or build a specific car repair business that focuses on transmission works and engine rebuild, basic tune-ups, or exhaust and brake system repair and maintenance. You may also run a bigger business and hire mechanics to work on all types of issues.

Write a business plan – This a type of a written proposal that will help you oversee the possibilities of your business, allocate resources, focus on the key points, and prepare strategic schemes to counteract possible problems and build opportunities. A good business plan should contain a detailed information regarding your financing, number of employees needed to effectively run your car repair business, planned operating hours, tentative suppliers, and other significant details that show your car repair business is a viable business. This is also very important when you need to loan money in the bank. Through the business plan, the bank will examine the feasibility of your business before granting you a loan. If you do not know how to write a business plan, you may hire a business plan writer to help you out.

Find a location – In building a car repair business, location is very important. A good location for a car repair business should be suitable enough in terms of size (i.e. there should be enough space for restrooms, waiting area, work, and other tools) and accessible to customers. If you have a garage with all these considerations, you may use your garage as a start up.

Establish an office – Your office will serve as your safe place to keep the detailed records about customers, transact payments and other billing, receive clients, and close deals. In order for you to be organized and be able to work efficiently, your office must be complete with computer, accounting software, telephone, filing cabinet, and other essential office tools. If you are located in the city, you may first have to get a business license and take care of some administrative duties by registering with the state. This will be needed for you to pursue operations.

Market your business – Open your business in a creatively appealing way. As part of the public relations strategy to boost up your business, send out some flyers for potential clients and press releases to local news papers. You may also create a website for your car repair business and reach out to a wider coverage of people throughout your place.

Start a Business Buying and Selling Cars to Make Some Extra Money

Lots of people attend car auctions that are open to the public in order to get a decent deal on a used car. Often you are able to save thousands when buying cars at seized car auctions. Many car dealers use public car auctions to pick up excellent deals and then sell the cars on with an extra $1000-$3000 added to the price tag. So as a part time business buying cars from auctions and selling them on for profit could turn out to be very lucrative.

So can I make money buying and selling cars?

The trick to starting a profitable business using the car auctions is to be able to pick out the gems. There will more than likely be a few cars at each auction which could make you a decent profit. In most cases when attending a seized auto auction you will get to preview the listings before the auction. This is where you can pick out the gems. For example the cars that have very low mileage, and popular makes and models. Once you attend a few auctions and get into the swing of things you will be finding bargains everywhere, meaning you will be able to sell them on for a decent profit.

Tips to Help You Succeed at Buying and Selling Cars

The first thing you will need is access to an online car auction database. There are websites which offer access to a large database of every car auction happening around the country. Access to these databases usually cost around $40. Anyone serious about starting a business needs to have a car auction database membership in order to have access to all the auctions, since looking in the newspaper every week just simply doesn’t cut it.

Look for auctions that have listed ex government vehicles. In many cases a government department will be upgrading their fleet of vehicles and you will be able to grab a bargain as the vehicles will be well maintained and in good condition but going for an unbelievable price.

A huge selling point for used cars is low mileage. Before you attend an auction, check out the cars listed. Try to find cars under the 40,000 mark. Even if the car is more than seven or eight years old it will still sell fast.

Once you know which cars you want to bid on, check out what their market value is. You can use sites like eBay to find out. Once you know how much profit you will be making roughly you can set a maximum bid price.

Setting Revenue Goals for a Mobile Car Washing Company

Last year, someone contacted me from Flagstaff AZ and he indicated to me that he couldn’t find work in his area of expertise there due to the recession and was going to start his own business cleaning cars. A mobile car washing and auto detailing company, was the business that he’d convinced himself was needed in that city. Well, I’ve been to Flag before and surely, such a business could work there, although it would be seasonal too, since you can’t wash cars outside very well when it is snowing.

It turns out he had read one of my many entrepreneurial articles about the need to put together a solid business plan, but that is where he got into trouble having never been in the mobile washing business before. They were putting together their pro forma and attempting to set revenue goals, but they didn’t know where to start. Okay so, perhaps we should talk about this, and it might give you some insight in case you to have the same challenge ahead.

First, the reality is that; it depends. Indeed it depends on a lot of things. In Flagstaff Arizona they have seasonal issues which make it tough to wash in the wintertime, but the salt on the roads also mean that people eventually have to get their cars washed otherwise they will rust through. Likewise the fleet vehicle owners and businesses have no choice but to maintain the quality of their equipment; delivery trucks, trailers, and over the road trucks.

Secondly, if he and his wife planned on cleaning cars at office buildings and at large corporations, so there will be some days when no one will wish to have a carwash, because as soon as they drive their car it will get dirty again right away, due to the weather. Thirdly, their market segment and market mix between fleet vehicles and personal cars matters very much.

This is because when you’re cleaning fleets of vehicles were all the cars are parked in a row you can wash quite a few cars in an hour, whereas washing one or two cars at each location means you have to travel between locations which takes up time in your day, and therefore even if you are charging more money per car, you will make less money by the end of the day.

Before you ask this question of; how much money can I make? You must ask yourself what type of mobile carwash company you wish to run; do you plan on doing personal car detailing, and cleaning cars at office buildings, or you plan on specializing in fleet washing. Once you figure out those questions and your market mix, then it is much easier to address the challenges of setting revenue goals for your first year in business. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.